The 2023 Long Rains Season Assessment Report

The onset of the 2023 March to May long rains varied across the country. While most areas experienced an early to normal onset, some parts of the southern Rift valley and the Coastal cluster had a delayed onset of 2-4 dekads. Additionally, parts of northwestern Marsabit, localised parts of Samburu, Turkana, Kitui, Tana River and Garissa had a late onset by 1 – 3 dekads .

Cumulative rainfall amounts were generally near average/ average {between 75 % and 125 % of the long-term average (LTA)} in the northern and southern Rift Valley, coastal and central parts of the country. Across the rest of the country, particularly the northern and eastern parts, above average (above 125% of the LTA) was received. However, parts of southern Kajiado received below average rains (below 75% of the LTA).

The distribution of rainfall in terms of space and time was uneven across the ASALs, with most of the rains received in March and April, while some areas experienced short-lived high rainfall events in late April. Throughout May, below average rainfall was experienced across most areas, with early cessation being witnessed over the same month. Temperatures were higher than average during the aforementioned period

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