New NDMA Board inaugurated

Devolution and ASALs Cabinet Secretary Hon. Eugene Wamalwa has, on August 19, 2019, inaugurated the new NDMA Board. 

The Board, which comprises of persons from the public and private sector, was inaugurated at the AuthorityÔÇÖs offices at Lonrho House in Nairobi.

Hon. Wamalwa challenged the new Board to come up with creative and efficient methods to address food insecurity and ensure that communities were more resilient to drought and the effects of climate change. 

ÔÇ£With the Authority in place and the Board fully constituted, no Kenyan is expected to lose their lives as a result of the effects of drought. To achieve this, I expect this Board to offer strategic and policy direction with more focus on long-term solutions that would ensure that households are more resilient to climatic shocks,ÔÇØ he said.

The Cabinet Secretary was accompanied by Principal Secretaries in the Ministry, Mr. Micah Powon (Devolution) and Mr. Charles Sunkuli (Development of ASALs).

The NDMA Board of Management is led by the chairman, Mr. Raphael Nzomo and members include Mr. Timothy Ole Mosiany, Mr. Nasiuma Kasembeli, Amb. Leonard Ngaithe,  Ms. Emily Mworia, Ms. Nancy Njiro, Hon. Abdirahman Hassan, Mr. Robert Kiteme, and Mr. James Oduor (CEO).

During the inauguration, the CS underscored the role of NDMA to coordinate and work closely with various State and non-State actors on all issues relating to drought risk management and climate change adaptation.

ÔÇ£Am happy to note that NDMA has played its role well and has ensured that Kenya remains above all the IGAD member states on issues relating to drought risk management. Hence many countries have been visiting Kenya to learn from the success of drought risk management,ÔÇØ he said.

National Drought Emergency Fund

Hon. Wamalwa observed that there has been a remarkable success in the area of drought early warning which has been modernised to incorporate remote sensing and use of mobile phone technology.

ÔÇ£Substantial financing has also been disbursed through this web-based business process which shall in future be anchored to the National Drought Emergency Fund once it is operationalized,ÔÇØ he said.

Wamalwa said Parliament has passed the NDMA Amendment Bill which will operationalise the National Drought Emergency Fund (NDEF).

ÔÇ£The President will soon assent to the NDMA Bill. Once this is done, the NDEF, which has a capitation of Ksh2 billion will help finance resilience-building projects across the drought-affected counties. These regions have been strategically mapped out,ÔÇØ he said.

NDMA Chairperson Raphael Nzomo observed that there was a need to adequately finance drought risk management activities as drought becomes more frequent and extremely severe.

ÔÇ£Droughts are slowly becoming the new norm as climate change hits hard. It is time we went back to the basics and ensured that we plant enough food and have surplus hay,ÔÇØ he observed.┬á