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1. Technical Services

The Technical Services Department is composed of three (4) divisions namely:-

A. Drought Information:

  1. Developing and maintaining drought information systems
  2. Coordinating national and county food security assessments
  3. Processing drought early warning information for use by stakeholders

B. Drought Resilience

  1. Coordination of drought risk reduction and building of long-term resilience to drought
  2. Promoting the capacity building of community planning units in participatory disaster risk assessments
  3. Facilitate formulation, implementation, M&E of strategic risk reduction programmes, projects, and initiatives

C. Drought Contingency Planning and response

  1. Develop strategies and oversee coordination and implementation of drought response programmes and projects based on drought management cycle and contingency planning
  2. Consolidation of county plans into national drought contingency plans
  3. Establishment and maintenance of a national drought response capacity database

D. Resource Mobilization and Advocacy

  1. Mobilise resources for the Authority through the engagement of collaborating Development Partners and organised community groups
  2. Build and sustain effective partnerships both within and without Government and identify Development Partners with interest to support the Authority
  3. Develop advocacy programmes that engage local communities in key decisions which ensure their active participation in drought management at their level

2. Support Services

This department has five (5) divisions namely:

  1. Finance and Accounts
  2. Human Resource and Administration
  3. Information and Communication Technology
  4. Supply Chain
  5. Media and Public Relations

3.Policy, Planning, and Research

  1. Development and review of the national strategy on drought management
  2. Convene joint planning and prioritisation by stakeholders through joint fora Providing framework for coordinating financing of public sector role in national response
  3. Initiate and participate in organisational performance reviews and business process improvement programmes
  4. Coordinate research in the field of drought management

4.Internal Audit

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