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pdf.pngNDMA-001-2021 - 2022 Addendum No. 1 Tender for Supply of Supplementary Animal Feeds

pdf.pngNDMA-002-2021 - 2022 - Tender for Provision of Supplementary Feeds Transportation Services 24Aug2021

pdf.pngNDMA-001-2021 - 2022 - Tender for Provision of Supplementary Animal Feeds 24Aug2021

pdf.pngAddendum to KSEIP Tenders 12May2021

pdf.pngAddendum to Tender for Guarding and Security Services 30Apr2021

pdf.pngNDMA-11-2020 - 2021-Tender Document for Guarding Services 20Apr2021

pdf.pngKE-NDMA-210286-GO-RFB - ICT Equipment Final 8Apr2021

pdf.pngKE-NDMA-223040-GO-RFB for Procurement of Printing Materials for Project Visibility

pdf.pngKE-NDMA-210306-GO-RFB - Motor Vehicles 8Apr2021