Ending drought emergencies in arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) will protect the vulnerable and achieve national development goals in accordance with the Constitution. You can participate in ending drought emergencies in Kenya by promoting drought risk management and the foundations for sustainable livelihoods, security, infrastructure and human capital.

To get involved:

1. Learn more about the EDE:
Download the Common Programme Framework for Ending Drought Emergencies at: http://ndma.go.ke/ede/ede-overview and the pillar frameworks http://ndma.go.ke/ede/ede-pillars

2. If you live in a drought- prone county:
Ask your elected leaders to press for EDE commitments to be met.
Check that your County Integrated Development Plan includes projects and associated funding for EDE activities.
Get involved with drought risk reduction groups in your area.

3. If you implement, finance or support development projects in drought-prone counties:
Align your activities with the Common Programme Framework for EDE.
Ensure that any funds you provide are included in the online investment tracker. http://ndma.go.ke/ede/investments-tracker
Join the working group for the EDE pillar that interests you and support its work.