Technical Adviser - Ending Drought Emergencies (TA/EDE) 

A long-term technical adviser is being sought to provide support for the efficient and effective operation of the Ending Drought Emergencies (EDE) Secretariat within the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) under the Ministry of Devolution and Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs). The purpose of the EDE Secretariat is to lead and facilitate the implementation of the Common Program Framework (CPF) for EDE in ways that enhance the alignment, coordination, and technical quality of all investments and interventions that contribute to its six pillars. The pillars are Peace and Security, Climate-proofed Infrastructure, Human Capital, Sustainable Livelihoods, Drought Risk Management, and Institutional Development and Knowledge Management.

The Secretariat is also responsible for the delivery of Pillar 6, which focuses on the enabling environment for the EDE as a whole, i.e. institutional capacity development, coordination, and knowledge management. The Intergovernmental Liaison Technical Advisor will support the EDE Secretariat Team Leader in steering and facilitating the EDE process and may be required to contribute across the full range of the Secretariat’s functions.

The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, Agricultural Economic Development Division will manage this contract through the hiring firm, RWD Consulting. The position will report to the Team Leader of the EDE Secretariat within the NDMA. The position’s annual performance management framework will be agreed with USDA, with input from the EDE Secretariat Team Leader and other USG as determined.

To apply for the position and to learn more about the scope of the position and candidate qualifications, please click this link for the website of the hiring firm: