All the 23 ASAL counties continue to register stable drought situation where ‘Normal’ phase based on the range of environmental, production, access and utilization indicators monitored that fell within their usual ranges is registered across the counties. The onset of the long rains 2024 season has been predicted to be characterised by enhanced rains, in some areas with associated flood risks. Floods and other enhanced rains risks are likely to continue undermining drought recovery at household level. Generally, the drought situation is expected to continue in normal phase across the 23 ASAL counties as the wet season sets in.

According to the last food security assessment, Short Rains Assessment (SRA) 2023, the number of people in need of assistance stands at 1.9 million. Acute malnutrition has also been noted across the counties with 847,932 children aged 6 to 59 months and 124,359 pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are currently malnourished acutely in need of treatment.

Download the National Drought Early Warning Bulletin March 2024