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Africa Climate Summit 2023

Overview of NDMA

Droughts in Kenya are becoming increasingly regular, as the effects of global
climate change become more apparent.  Impacts of severe drought are all too evident in the millions of people affected and the substantial amounts of money in losses and damages. The economic cost of the 2008-2011 drought in Kenya, for example, was estimated at US$ 12.1 billion.

Institutional Framework

Kenya further actualised the EDE commitment by institutionalising drought risk management through establishment of a specialised institution – the National Drought Management Authority – in November 2011.

NDMA actualises its mandate through some of the following:


Provision of drought early warning information

2023 Long Rains Assessment Report (released in August 2023).

Production of Drought Early Warning Bulletins:

Supporting production of county hazard Atlases

Drought Response

Supporting priority drought response interventions and coordinating actions by

Drought Response Interventions
DCF Business process

Coordination of Ending Drought Emergencies (EDE) strategy

Kenya’s paper presented at the 2011 Summit has gradually evolved and deepened into the Ending Drought Emergencies (EDE) strategy, which was adopted by Parliament in December 2012. It argues that the dominant pattern of investment in the ASALs – where the main form of public subsidy has been extensive and prolonged humanitarian aid – should be reversed and the region appropriately subsidised by investing in thefoundations for poverty reduction and growth.

Financing Mechanism - NDEF

Cognisant that effective drought risk management requires substantial financial resources to ensure early action, Kenya has developed a disaster risk financing strategy that is already being implemented.

Resilience Building

Landscape Planning
Investments in DRM and CCA
Disbursement of regular & drought shock-responsive cash transfers to poorest and most vulnerable households in 8 arid counties under the Hunger Safety Net Programme (HSNP).

Visit HSNP website here: https://www.hsnp.or.ke/

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